"I consider Cuffs to be an important part of my farming business. They take good care of the paperwork and help with the strategic and financial planning. This frees up my time to focus on what I do best...running the farm."

Bryce Thomson, Hari Hari


"Cuffs have been really important in helping us keep on top of payroll and accounts and as a sounding board for how we are going and what we can do better.

Tourism has had a pretty tough time in the last 5 years and we have valued Peter's expertise and strategic advice. He focuses us on that whole concept of "Is this a business with a future and how can we be at the forefront of that.

For us, Cuffs is 100% professional, 100% available, 100% local and able to understand the challenges of the West Coast."

Gerry McSweeney



"When you're in business today, without a good accountant you've got problems. I've been with Cuffs for many years now with four businesses. Peter is good. He is always there or gets back to you quickly if he's not. When I've got a problem we discuss it and he comes up with a scenario. His advice has always been very good to me. Cuffs also have great staff. They are always on the ball and make sure everything is done in time.

Accountants are a necessary evil, they're like stock agents, you have to have them."

Ken Arnold, White Heron Sanctuary Tours Ltd., Whataroa



"Cuffs provide a professional Accountancy Service with a personal touch.  We have had a long-standing business relationship with Peter and his staff.  They have consistently provided our business with excellent service and sound advice over the years.  Cuffs efficient service keeps us on the right track with our Accounts and helps to ensure tax deadlines are met. We would definitely recommend Cuffs for all accounting and business management needs."

Paul and Margaret Crawford, Crawford Refrigeration Ltd

"Peter is light years ahead, exactly what we were looking for. He takes the time and it means a lot for us to have the owner of the business take such an interest in our business. As our business has grown we have relied on that outside financial advice and business advisory support from Peter more and more.

I know we are dealing with a modern company. Quite often we have meetings on Skype or use the Go-to-meeting function. We've got youth in our team so it's pretty important that we are using up- to- date financial systems and the latest ways of working."

Adam Walker, MBC Westport

"Your business has to be financially viable and sound. Peter does the maths and gives us the financial overview. He understands the financial side of our business. He's very upfront and tells you where you are at or how something will pan out and he is usually pretty right."

Graham Provis, Westland Pharmacy

"As your farm and family grows your needs change. Cuffs encouraged us to look to the future, working out what would best suit our needs. We restructured from a partnership to a trust. Having Cuffs on board was and still is invaluable.

It's the little things, like always offering a coffee and being able to pop your head around the corner and say Hi. I feel really comfortable with the 'guys' there."

Wayne Nolan, Whataroa

"I like the fact that Cuffs are local and easily accessible. Their tax planning and tax minimisation strategies are excellent and the staff are very helpful and well informed"

Pete McDonnell, Kawhaka