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Budget Special Newsletter
Feature articles include changes to income tax brackets; family and independent earners tax credits; housing assistance; the Government's business, public services and social investment and an increase in the Earthquake Commission (EQC) premium rate.

Autumn 2017
Feature articles include tax changes introduced on 1 April 2017 including use-of-money interest, provisional tax and motor vehicle mileage claims; employer records requirements, staying safe online and CO.STARTERS business development programme.

Summer 2016

Highlights include articles on the success behind winning the 2016 Leading Light Business Awards Crombie Lockwood Medium Enterprise Category; Cash v Accrual Accounting, Turning Complaints around and Christmas Holiday and Entitlements reminders.

Spring 2016
Articles include the Bright-line test, new KiwiSaver rules, understanding Hashtags, tips on analysing and upgrading your website and more accounting tips. The Professional Feature is from Jason Whyte, owner of The Butchers Block.

Winter 2016 Budget Special
Five budget announcements highlighted: Use of Money Interest (UOMI) rate change; new provisional tax payment methods; contractors and labour-hire firms withholding tax deductions; business vs private motor vehicle use and new thresholds for self-correction of minor errors.

Autumn 2016
Features include: Low Interest Rates – What to do; the new H&S legislation; end of year reminders and 10 tips to reduce your accountancy fees. Our Professional's Feature is from Jim Little, Tourism West Coast Chief Executive, on what is happening in the market and where business opportunities lie.

Summer 2015
Features include the Emerging Leaders Programme, how to manage the costs of Christmas party and staff planning, Holiday Pay entitlements during the business closure and how to maximise TripAdvisor? The Professional's Feature is with Chen Yuan, Mandarin Language Assistant with the Confucius Institute.

Spring 2015

Features include a look at the changing face of tourism in Glacier Country, changes in business accounting and John Earl, ASB Rural Manager, discusses interest rate forecasts.

Winter  2015
Advice for people paying Inland Revenue online, Taxing cashed-in annual leave, Is it time your business had a makeover?, The Top 5 Test and The budget - How it affects those in business.

Autumn 2015
Highlights in this edition include articles on Getting your Health and Safety Plan in Place, setting up Client Advisory Boards and Growth Strategies – The Four Quadrants. Our Professional Feature is from Richard Mackley of West Coast IT Services on protecting your business data.



Farming Newsletter - Autumn 2017
Feature articles include tax changes introduced on 1 April 2017 including use-of-money interest, provisional tax and motor vehicle mileage claims and an alert to farmers for prosecutions for employment obligation breaches.

Farming Newsletter – Summer 2016
Articles include Cover Plus Extra – a must for dairy farmers; Cracking down on Farm Employment Requirements, Livestock calculations and a Professional Feature with Alex Condon, ANZ Agri Relationship Manger on Managing in Challenging Times – Budgets and Interest Rates.

Farming Newsletter - Spring 2016
Featuring articles on the Bright-line test, new KiwiSaver rules, accounting tips and the Professional Feature with Rachel Dillon, BNZ Partner Agribusiness

Farming Newsletter – Autumn 2016
Feature articles include important Health & Safety information on employing young people, interest rates with advice on what to do and tips on how to reduce accounting fees. The Professional Feature is from Fiona Scadden of Coastwide Resource Consultancy on ways to diversify your income.

Farming Newsletter Summer 2015
Features include articles on what is causing the current economic volatility, Public Holidays and Going Mobile – latest smartphone apps. The Professional's Feature is with Stephen Canny of Venture Southland on the FarmTune lean management in the dairy sector programme.

Farming Newsletter Spring 2015
In this edition Peter Cuff provides advice on responding to a low payout, Doug Avery gives some key points after the Resilient Farmer Roadshow; John Earl, ASB Rural Manager, discusses interest rate forecasts and Liz Blakemore raises awareness of the need to address mental health on the farm.

Farming Newsletter – Winter 2015
In this edition leading articles include an interview with Top of the South/West Coast Dairy Awards Farm Manager of the Year Thomas and Hannah Oats, How the Budget affects those in business, Taxing cashed-in annual leave and the Professional Feature on the West Coast Rural Support Trust.

Farming Newsletter – Autumn 2015
In this edition featured articles include Paid Parental Leave, Rationalisation v Reduction of farm expenditure and Cuffs Farming and Business Seminars. The Professional Feature is by the BNZ's Will Anderson on managing cashflow in a low payout environment.



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