Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO suits those clients who want business and financial planning advice, financial and KPI monitoring, regular contact and management consulting. We start with the strategic plan and develop an understanding and appreciation of your goals and that of your business. Then we will prepare a 5 year financial plan to take you there.

As your Virtual CFO we perform a variety of services including the following services:
  • Provide monthly Board and management reports with accompanying commentary in understandable format
  • Reconcile:
    • Your bank accounts
    • Your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
    • Your Expense Claims
  • Take care of your GST Requirements
  • Conduct a Business Performance Health Check
    • Highlights areas of the business that are performing well and not so well
    • Provides a basis to model changes to improve your bottom line
  • Establish and Review KPIs so that you can:
    • Analyse how your business is performing
    • Compare against your financial plan
    • Take corrective action sooner rather than later
  • Ensure timely preparation of end of year financial accounts and tax returns
  • Provide plans for Tax Forecasting and Tax Minimisation
    • No one likes paying taxes. We will do everything within the guidelines to legally minimise your tax
    • Forecasting tax enables you to budget for future payments, minimising interest and penalties on under-payment of tax
  • Complete Annual Benchmarking Analysis
    • Compares your business with others in your industry
    • Identifies your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
    • Provides an analysis of your competitors
  • Facilitate your Annual Strategic Planning Meeting where together we'll:
    • Consider all aspects of your business
    • Focus long term
    • Link your personal and business goals
    • Produce a clear statement of your business' development and direction
    • Develop your action plan