Cuffs specialise in tourism accounting. Many of our clients own and/or operate large and small scale accommodation, retail, hospitality and activity businesses on the West Coast and in other regions. In addition we have clients involved in regional infrastructure. We are therefore well placed to comprehensively understand and provide quality accounting and business advice to the sector.

Our services include: 

Through our Business Management and Growth Seminar series, we are able to combine our own knowledge with that of the leading industry professionals we bring to the region to assist clients across a range of financial, marketing and other related topics. 

Click the links below to view the resources from our seminars. 

Campaign Essentials Online Advertising Best Practices.pdf
Essentials of a Website that Works.pdf
Hotel Marketing 360 White Paper May 2013 Early Version.pdf
Landing Page Best Practices White Paper.pdf
Measuring Campaigns Online Campaign Performance Measurement.pdf
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 360 Essentials White paper on best practices.pdf
Social Media Marketing for Accommodation.pdf
West Coast Accommodation Online Marketing Essentials SUMMARY SLIDES.pdf

Click the video links to view testimonials from two tourism clients, Gerry McSweeney, the Lake Moeraki Wilderness Lodge and Ken Arnold, White Heron Sanctuary Tours.

Gerry McSweeney, Lake Moeraki Wilderness Lodge, South Westland 

Ken Arnold, White Heron Sanctuary Tours Ltd., Whataroa