Software & Support

We recommend the following software packages:-


Our team hold Banklink gold accreditation.  Banklink is software that automates and streamlines the processing of bank transactions.  We recommend this software for farmers and for smaller businesses that require cashflow reporting on a monthly basis.  It is very easy to use and they even provide an inexpensive invoicing package for those that need it.

We use Banklink in house to do monthly or bi-monthly reporting and GST returns for more than 100 clients, we also install and train for clients that want to do it themselves.

Click here for an estimate of what it would cost us to do this for you

Click here for a BankLink demonstration.


Xero is an online accounting system, with your data residing and being backed up by Xero.  There are many advantages to this system in that:

  • Software updates happen seamlessly without any action required by you
  • Your data is much more secure and safe than if on your own computer.  There are no issues if your computer implodes or you purchase a new computer
  • Being an on-line system you can access it wherever you are as long as you have internet access.  They even have iphone, ipad, blackberry and android versions.
  • As your accountant you can give us access so we can check data and review your trading, all without you having to do anything

View more information on Xero's services here.


MYOB's AccountRight range is ideal for larger businesses that want invoicing, creditors or stock management. Until recently it resided on your computer however an online (in the cloud) option now exists enabling it to be accessed wherever you are and allowing seamless integration with us.

View more information on MYOB's services here.


At Cuffs, we recommend and are experts in both MYOB Payroll and Ace Payroll.  We recommend MYOB Payroll for smaller businesses and Ace Payroll for larger businesses.  There are advantages and disadvantages with each so please involve us in your final selection.


At Cuffs we are able to host online meetings meaning we can connect to your computer or you can connect to us.  This allows us to remotely assist you with any technical or software issues you might have, or for us to have a meeting with you online.  Very savvy!